By: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Directed: Rachel Hunsinger

Props & Scenic Design: Jackson Lasseter

Lighting Design: Tyler Ericson

Sound Design: Justin Kobylt

Costume Design: Zeke St. John


Blood on the Cat's Neck is a German absurdist play first produced in 1971. It tells the story of an alien vampire named Pheobe Zietgeist who comes to Earth to observe and learn from humanity. She begins to learn the problems with humanity and when confronted these ideas, the humans, either regard her as an intellect or disregard her as a drunk.

The director made one request about the set and that was to have a bathtub as the focal point to represent Phoebe's home base, it was her box to see humanity from. The bathtub was placed in the center of a X shaped platform that signified Phoebe's place, where she was supposed to be. Along with this there were piles of cinder blocks in the corners of the play space that was a resting area for actors.

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