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Phoenix (A Box Play)

By: Talia Frank-Stempel

Directed: Talia Frank-Stempel

Scenic Design: Jackson Lasseter

Props Master: Jessica Meyer

Lighting Design: Ryan Healey

Sound Design: A. J. Helman

Costume Design: Maddie Yazel


Phoenix (A Box Play), written by Talia Frank-Stempel, is a student written play for RareWorks Theatre Company's spring 2019 season. The play follows Ash, a young woman who has been trapped in a box. Then is put on display at a gallery and is seen by everyone, but can't be heard by anyone, besides the audience. Ash relives parts of her life in the box, and by the end is pushed to breaking point and rebels against the artist who put her there.


The box had to house an actor standing up, as well as lying down, had to have walls, had to be transparent, and had to spin. So it was built to the dimensions of the actor, wrapped in thick clear vinyl, and had castors. The director wanted to make the audience feel like they were in a gallery, so everything was painted stark white, and was put on in a classroom to further a non-theatre experience. 


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