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By: Renee LaFond

Directed: Joe Antoun

Scenic Design: Jackson Lasseter

Props Master: Grace Leuper

Lighting Design: Daniel Johnson-Carter

Sound Design: Jon Melchiorre

Costume Design: Chris Romagnoli


Living Will was written by an Emerson graduate student, Renee LaFond. It was also the winner of Emerson’s 2016 Rod Parker Playwrighting Award and was the headliner to Emerson Stage’s NewFest. It follows a married couple as they go through struggles of money, faithfulness, and murder. The story is told from multiple character’s interview with the investigator that is trying to get down to the bottom of an attempted murder.

The play itself is based in a suburban home, so the director wanted to create the feel of a generic box set with pieces missing that seamlessly blended into an interrogation room. In which each character could break from the scene and be in an interview. The idea behind the living room was to create the feel of a house that hasn’t been refurbished since the 90s because of money problems in the marriage.


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