Directed: Charlianne Meli & Nick Lambrakis

Scenic Design: Jackson Lasseter

Props Master: Matt Baynes & Nolan Pearson

Lighting Design: Sam Swagert

Sound Design: Benjamin Bailey

Costume Design: Sam Yates & Joey Lyons


"The animals at the zoo are very busy; experimenting with meditation, processing their relationships, honing their wilderness survival skills. No one is talking about the cages. The cages are not important.

A three act meditation on capitalism and the radical left, with some dances." 

-Savannah Reich


In these three acts there are three very different set ups of the space with the same main elements. Act I is 4 large cages for each of the species that is on display at the zoo (Chimps, Lionesses, Humans, and a Red Panda and a Komodo Dragon). After act I is finished the audience leaves the space, but when they return for act II, they are now the ones on display. The seating moved to behind the cages and they watch the actors through the cages. Finally in act III the audience becomes apart of the play, everyone is sitting together in a circle for a town meeting of sorts.