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A Devised Piece Led by Rinde Eckert

Directed: Rinde Eckert

Scenic Design: Jackson Lasseter

Objects Design: Grace Leuper

Lighting Design: Scott Pinkney & Max Rose

Sound Design: Arshan Gailus & Jon Melchiorre

Costume Design: Maddie Yazel



What Remains Hidden (Is Still Known) started as a course led by Rinde Eckert at Emerson College, where 24 people of different theatrical backgrounds came together once a week with the goal to produce a fully devised piece of theater in five months. Starting from nothing, everyone danced, moved, and shared stories, until sequences and scenes started to form from that. Text was then devised for the physical world that was built. In the end, the piece was a movement and visual based piece that focused on memories and nostalgia of childhood.

As a devised work the design was always developing along with the piece itself. A huge factor in the design was the theater, it was staged in a black box theater that is nowhere near a box shape, it also has a old gnarly big brick wall that was a defining feature of the space. The design was originally rooted in the research from Rinde Eckert of traditional Japanese styles of theater, like Kabuki and Noh theatre. As the piece became more and more developed, seasons became a through line.  Trees were then developed as a way to connect these two main ideas, and became an integral part of the design. The trees then formed a kind of proscenium that grounded us in the black box, up against the brick wall, with a stage for the piece to play upon.


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